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The Pepto-Bismo-Pink Tree

The world is prettier reflected in pink light.
New year coming; new blog begun. I've used blogger for years and have run out of room for photos, again. In the past, I've deleted dozens or hundreds, but this time I've chosen to try out the Author's Guild blog platform to learn how it functions and whether this is a better all-around match  Read More 
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Building Blocks 1

My favorite sentence of the week: "Some days, I see camels everywhere."

My high school friend Julia Tanner plays with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. They're currently recording (I'm taking a wild guess here) Christmas music.

Oh, wait, there was another sentence I love that I read last night in the 25 January New Yorker: "I  Read More 
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Why, you may ask, am I starting another blog, given that I have 3 active blogs already, 2 blogs that I'm in the process of deleting; and a newsletter option on my website that I rarely use. What purpose can another blog serve?

One purpose is to tell you about books I want you to read, ideas I want you to consider, and causes I want you to embrace. Also, out of plain curiosity I want to see how the Author's Guild blogsite compares to blogger.com, where my other blogs live.

I don't see a way for you to subscribe to this blog -- but, again, I'm new here myself. Like life and writing (even nonfiction), we'll make it up as we go along. Read More 
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