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The Pepto-Bismo-Pink Tree

The world is prettier reflected in pink light.
New year coming; new blog begun. I've used blogger for years and have run out of room for photos, again. In the past, I've deleted dozens or hundreds, but this time I've chosen to try out the Author's Guild blog platform to learn how it functions and whether this is a better all-around match both for chatting and for letting you know what's available in my private book store and in my private art store, not to mention etsy and zazzle.

Looks like I can only post one photo at a time. Keep coming back, because I'll be posting close-up shots of the vintage jewelry -- my mother's, my sister's, my own, some from way back when, other bits that any one of us may have picked up at a thrift shop along the way - in the next day or two.

I also want to talk in text about whether I think blogging and writing have anything in common. I've been on hiatus for several months awaiting word from on high, but as usual I need to scrounge around down here and figure it out for myself. Lots of different answers to that question, but it depends not on a red wheelbarrow but on what one wants to achieve as a body of work. All writing may be ephemeral, but blog posts are nothing but.

Also, authorsguild recommends that comments be moderated. All of the blog experts tell you that moderation cuts down on the number of comments left. That's never been a big problem for me, but we'll try it their way for a bit. Let me know -- in a comment! - what you think.

Also tell me if you want the entire post in one place or it's okay with you to click on a hickey to see the rest of the post. The latter makes skimming easier? I don't know. Give me an opinion. In a comment.

I'm also going to play with page themes. The next one you see will be from the new zombie line. Don't be skeered. I'll protect you from them.
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